Movable Type 3.0b1

As you may have noticed, things look a little different now.
As I got pulled in on the MT3 alpha, I had created a slightly different layout given that I was growing tired of the default AND of my actual layout. So that’s been transferred over and now things look better. I will probably be tweaking this in the coming days.
Also, you will notice when you try to comment, things are a little different. In an effort to combat comment spam, I have turned on comment moderation UNLESS you register for TypeKey. I highly recommend you register for TypeKey as I am not even sure I want to leave unregistered comments on. (Previously mentioned wonking has been resolved.)
Also, archives are now using pretty file names. Old urls will redirect.
So…yeah. Let me know if anything else is broken.
Edit: I’ve been told my syndicated LJ account took a dump. I apologize.