Of Dreams And Monkeys

I do have a long navel-gazing post coming later today, but I couldn’t help but quote Mark Pilgrim’s recent dream:

I came home Sunday and immediately fell asleep. I dreamt of an army of monkeys. Not The Army of The Twelve Monkeys, just a run-of-the-mill army of an indeterminate number of monkeys. Not an infinite number of monkeys, although the monkeys were willing to commit suicide by solving an infinite number of simultaneous equations. They were ascending a staircase of some sort. A golden staircase, ascending to heaven. Good Lord, not a Stairway To Heaven, but yes, there was a stairway involved, and Heaven. And monkeys. Or possibly it was a non-golden staircase, but it began its ascent from the Golden Gate Bridge. But there were definitely monkeys. Monkeys solving an infinite number of simultaneous equations, and then dying. They were mathematical martyrs. Mathematical martyr monkeys.

All I can think is that I wish I had dreams like that.