As If We Needed More Evidence My Musical Tastes Were Screwed

The songs I’ve purchased with my last set of iTunes Pepsi caps:
Chemical Calisthenics, by Blackalicious
In addition to being psyched about seeing Shadow in two weeks, I’m really psyched about seeing Blackalicious.
My Name Is Jonas, by Weezer
Best song they ever did. No, fuck you, it is.
Pardon Me, by Incubus
Ditto. Wish they had the acoustic version for sale.
Popular, by Nada Surf
I bought this as a half-gag, and then I realized it completely kicked ass. Burned by my own musical choices.
Sucked Out, by Superdrag
Not quite as good as Popular, but pretty rockin’.
The Man Comes Around, by Johnny Cash
Bought largely because of its inclusion in the opening credits of Dawn Of The Dead; out of all the Johnny Cash I’ve heard, probably the only song I can stand listening to repeatedly. Of course, after I bought it, I realized I had it on my work machine already. D’oh.
Tom’s Diner, by Suzanne Vega & D.N.A.
Explode (Sessions@AOL), by Nelly Furtado
My favorite song off her new album, all acoustic-like. Fantastic.
Bottle To The Ground, by NOFX
Got stuck in my head long ago when I was listening to WICB. Now I can excise the demons.
Blister In The Sun (MTV2 Version), by Guster
I’m not fond of Violent Femmes. But I love me some Guster!
Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand, by Primitive Radio Gods
Sort of sad and languid, a good half trip-hop song.
Live On Stage, by Dilated Peoples
I play NBA Streets Vol. 2 just to hear this song. No more.
So yeah, if you needed ideas for what to use your Pepsi caps on, now you know!