Dusk Til Dawn: The Films of John Waters
6PM – 6AM
The Pioneer Theater
155 East 3rd Street (@ Avenue A)
How Many John Waters Films Can You Take? Dusk til Dawn is a 12 – hour screening of six films by John Waters. A look-alike contest judged by John Waters will be held at midnight, Bingo games will be played throughout the evening, breakfast will be served, and if viewers have the stamina to stay all night, it will all be free. Films to be screened are: Hairspray (1988), Polyester (1981), Cry Baby (1990), Pink Flamingos (1972), Pecker (1998) and Serial Mom (1994).
Free to get in, pay to get out. $20 for the first film, $5 less for each subsequent film viewed. Viewers remaining for the entire evening pay nothing. Entrance includes one free beverage.

Katie will be bringing the camera. I’ll have the Sidekick for outside world communication and maybe some blogging of interesting things. Anyone in the city who is going and reading this blog (crossover between these three criteria: 0), let me know.