Take Home List

While I’m waiting for my room service, and before I do my final expo blog whatever, I’ve been shucking all the crap I picked up and organizing it for easy travel home. Here’s what I got, in no particular order:
Another copy of Halo. (thanks, MacSoft!)
Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault, Deluxe Edition (thanks, Aspyr!)
Family Fun Pack and Black & White Platinum Pack (thanks, Feral!)
Freedom Fighters for the PS2 (thanks, Nicole and Kayla!)
Starry Night Pro (thanks, Starry Night people!)
An iPod case and clip (thanks, AppleLinks!)
A Metreon arcade card with 300 units left (thanks, Sony!)
21 somewhat random CDs (thanks, Susan!)
Z-Trip Live in LA Promo, Yo La Tengo’s Today Is The Day EP, Bjork’s Joga import single, and Chris Cunningham’s Director’s Collection DVD, half paid in cash, half paid by a gift certificate from Susan (thanks, Susan!)
The MacWorld 2004 SF Best In Show Sign (thanks, Peter & Jim)
Our charge sheet (thanks, ripoff labor!)
3 Golfland Tokens (thanks, SVGL!)
1 Pump It Up token (thanks, random Korean karaoke place!)
One busted iBook power cord (thanks, Apple!)
A shitload of great memories, which I’ll wax nerd on in the next post