Five Songs Of The Week

And to round out my triple blog shot, here’s my five songs of the week.
Obstacle 1 by Interpol, on Turn On The Bright Lights
Interpol is one of the bands I’ve heard plenty about but had no idea what their music sounded like. Behold, the wonders of the internet and friends who can make recommendations based on what I like.
I haven’t gotten through the whole album yet – just like every other album I’ve tried to listen to lately – but this track worked its way into my heart without much effort. Good riffs, amusing vocals (any song that seriously uses the word “stuff” is good in my book), and a nice feeling…I don’t know what the gripes are about Interpol sucking. I certainly get the Joy Division feeling, but all music is derivative anyhow. Speaking of derivative…
All I Want For X, by Hardcore Nation, off Hardcore X-Mas Party Vol. 3
Some people may remember my Dancemania reviews. I’ve hated the Dancemania Speed series with a healthy passion, as speed remixes are mostly the work of evil. However, there is a way speed remixes can work – and that’s if they fit the genre properly.
Happy hardcore music is not a genre I’d say is fit easily, but this song – from a compilation of Christmas songs done in hardcore – is perfect. The high range vocals of All I Want For Christmas match the hand clapping and the bouncing bass so well, it’s sick. Just plain old sick.
Hey, by Jurassic 5, off Power In Numbers
I didn’t enjoy most of Power In Numbers (compared to Quality Control, anyhow), but there are a few standout tracks, and this is the sort of song that’s perfect for riding the subway and trying to unwind a little. Although I think this is much more of a summer song, so maybe I’ll like it even more in 6 months.
Grin, by Guster, off Goldfly
I go on these Guster kicks and it’s a different song every time. I always loved the guitar work on this track. And hey, if you don’t love Guster, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? GUSTER IS FOR LOVERS. Take the contrapositive – not loving is for people who don’t like Guster. So have a heart. To get serious again for a minute – the lyrics here, as with many Guster songs, always strike me oddly. It’s amazing how they can sing with one tone and feeling while the lyrics are in sharp contrast to them.
Graduation (unplugged version) by BeForU, off BeForU
There are a handful of Bemani songs that sound a lot better done acoustically than the main album version. Oddly, all of the songs in this category were done by Naoki. You think this is a coincidence? Hey, there isn’t anything wrong with the BeForU girls, outside Noria’s occasional serial-killer look. I can dig it.