David Cross DVD Roundup

So, big deal of yesterday was that David Cross (not to be confused with the other David Cross) was at Pianos for a viewing party of his new DVD. These are my notes.
Pianos, for being such a high profile hipster sort of bar, is really quite empty at 7 PM. I guess this isn’t overly surprising, it being supper time and the middle of the week.
They finally let us upstairs around 7:50, and everyone was mulling about and fighting for seats for a while. Then the time slipped until the DVD finally started at 8:15.
It was, as expected, a hilarious documentation of his tour that had produced the CD Shut Up, You Fucking Baby. Full of stoned idiots, pretentious interviewers, drunken girls, pissed off promoters, and a bewildered David, it was an incredibly enjoyable 100 minutes. There was a minor plot (which results in a great 1-2 punch at the end) which I won’t spoil for you, but let’s just say it’s hip to be square.
Oh, and there is a brief appearance by some Mr. Show people in the DVD – Bob/Paul/Brian, mostly. Bob, for the whole 3 minutes he was on, was really funny.
After it was over, David came up on “stage” (where the floor was raised 6 inches off the ground – woo!) and gave us about 20 minutes of his time, including reading an email exchange from one of the kids in the movie who didn’t feel he was portrayed “favorably”. As always, he was very low-key and down to earth.
At one point, his cell phone went off. His ringtone is Hava Nagila. After shutting it off, he said “Every time my phone rings, a Jewish couple gets married!”
The whole thing ended around 10:15, and we all sauntered home. Was a very good time, considering the price tag of FREE.