Went to Tinkle last night.
Stood in front of Julia Stiles and her boyfriend while waiting in line for tickets.
Had Leon (you may remember him as THE BLACK JESUS in the Like A Prayer video) ask Colin what the line was for.
When Katie was going to the bar, she saw David Cross, went over, told him such a big fan she was – and then Janeane Garofalo claimed that she told Katie to say that to him. She promptly forgot anything about getting drinks at the bar.
As for the show itself? Jesus christ, the hilarity. David/Todd/Jon riffed like there was no tomorrow. The pantomime renditions of the NJ Guido stuff was drop-dead funny, even when David Cross forced us all to view some pubic hair. The Aislers Set were shockingly good. The other comedians ranged from crowd-killing (the writing email bit) to kill-them-with-laughter (the last guy – I am so going to prank call some bees).
Tinkle is, without a doubt, the best $6 you can spend in NYC.