Still Alive

Yes, we are in fact still alive. My internet access has been limited as there’s no Airport at MWNY, and I am yet again posting entries to my blog from 42nd St., across the way from Broadway City.
Some notes:
-Dylan’s Candy Shop still rules.
-Chinatown still smells like crap, and still has no good places to buy import games.
-On second thought, there’s NOWHERE in town that’s good to buy ANY games. This is ridiculous.
-Business at the booth is good. In fact, I’d say it’s very good.
-We’ve finally gotten over the whole cab thing and we’re almost exclusively using the subway. It’s always a fun experience, like today, when a bum was on my car, singing Lean On Me as loud as he possibly could! Aces!
-Katie’s mom was in town today, and we had a nice time, although I was at the show a fair amount and thus not with Katie & her mom.
-I ran into Brendan Becker, programmer of PyDDR (now PyDance) at our booth, randomly. It was odd, to put it mildly.
-I’ve picked up three CDs while we’ve been here, all at the Virgin Megastore on Times Square. I’ve picked up Brainfreeze Official Soundtrack, which is just madness with DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist; Take A Break by Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, which has more fun punk covers (like their other albums), and The White Room / Justified & Ancient by The KLF, thus probably completing my KLF collection to the best it’s going to get without me actually trying.
-I still haven’t made it to the Pokemon Center. Maybe tomorrow.
-There’s a Michelle Branch concert tomorrow morning on Good Morning America that we were going to try and make it to, but Katie has an early interview and it’s just not possible now.
We’re back home on Saturday with fun stories for all!