The Boredom Of Hannah

Back in 1995, when I first got online, I started out on telnet BBSes. On one of them, I met a girl who went by the name of CrOW. What began as simple chatroom chicanery turned into a bizarre friendship that involved proms and people confusing us for one another. It might be cliche to say this, but she’s the kind of person you can only describe by saying she’s indescribable.
Around 1999, we lost a little contact – school kept us busy – but by 2001 we were talking again. Now she pesters me every day from her office, throwing random links at me over and over again on AIM.
I kept telling her that she needed a blog. Then I remembered that I’m running MovableType and the solution is simple.
So I present to the world, The Boredom Of Hannah – to which I lay no claim of responsibility or involvement. It’s her own brand of dementia – I’m just providing server space.