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Digital Xeni Jardin folk art: Call for entries, Exhibits A-C

Boingboing contributor Xeni Jardin has been going on a bit of a bender lately. What began as a somewhat interesting exercise, the “Digital SARS folk art” exhibit showcased some curious images dealing with the world’s current disease meme.

However, it quickly became tired – for me, it was right around Exhibit L. As of blogtime, the entries were currently up to Exhibit S, despite many pleas from boingboing community members for her to stop because it’s getting a little old. Worse, she has taken to calling people saying that they’re tired of it “trolls”, which doesn’t exactly jive with the usual definition.

So, in what I can only hope will be fair turnaround, I hereby call upon the blogging community for anything which would resemble “digital folk art” involving Xeni herself. Because this is all in the name of art, I will not pass judgement on any works of art myself.

I wish to submit the first entry, a mosaic I generated yesterday using the excellent MacOSaiX program. The original is on the left, the mosaic is on the right; click on the mosaic for a full-size 900×1500 image, suitable for framing.

The Google Image search terms used for this mosaic include:

digital folk art
please stop

EXHIBIT B: A SARS-masked Xeni from boingboing reader “el wombato”.

EXHIBIT C: From jc: Xeni-V

If you wish to submit an entry for this exhibit, please leave a trackback ping or comment on this entry; I would solicit emails and post a new item each time something caught my attention, but that seems unnecessary.