Morning DDRFreak Hilarity/Stupidity

Just so you can see what I have to deal with…
Since becoming a moderator over at DDRFreak, I’ve had to deal with one bored that tends to be filler and very high traffic (Chit-Chat), one that tends to be information-based and is very high traffic, and the Headlines board.
Having mod privs on the Headlines board means, of course, I can post news. And occasionally, I do. For instance, today, I posted information about a new unlock code for DDR Extreme. The headline, of course, lists what’s unlocked:
JHEDXF_-ALZSMSH (the _ is a blank space) will unlock items #1-#27. The new unlocks are Last Message, Xenon, and Sakura being available for regular play.
Pretty simple. I posted follow-up information with the difficulties, locked the thread, pointed people to the other discussion threads, thought I was done. Silly me! I get a private message at 12:38 from a user who shall remain nameless – although his name does contain “Legend Of Max”, so it’s no surprise when I read:
does the unlock code has the legend of max as a regular stage??
I hold back my tears of frustration with today’s youth being unable to read and politely reply:
If it had, I would’ve said so in the headline, wouldn’t I?
I then receive back:
well, sorry! you dont have to get so smart!!
Yes, how DARE I get smart. Stupidity and lack of literacy are IN!