Two quick gaming notes

1) The Magic Box is reporting on something that makes Capcom cool again:
Capcom announced they will release the PS2 online board game Catan in Japan this summer. Capcom is planning to distribute the game for free, there will be a monthly fee for playing the game online. Beta test of the game will has begin on April 10.
That’s right, folks, Settlers of Catan on the PS2. You have no idea how much time I blew playing Gnocatan sophomore year. In fact, I think I’m going to go reinstall it now.
2) Thanks to Nicole, I have acquired a legitimate IIDX 5th Style. Due to a massive number of other games being picked up by me in a relatively short period of time, my IIDX playing has diminished, and between that and my controller sticking to a ridiculous degree, I’m sucking quite nicely these days. Oh well, it’s fun to finally play a new batch of songs, even if it’s a bit heavy on the house and hip-hop on this particular version.