Migration like what?

Okay, I admit it. I have been razzle-dazzled by the unbelievable shininess of MovableType. This, compounded with my frustration with the drupal upgrade process, has let me to a precarious position – do I stick with what I’ve spent nearly a year using, or do I throw caution to the wind and move to MT?
Although it may be hard to tell (since I’ve done SUCH a spiffy job of recreating my theme; or, alternately, you never read my blog anyhow), this is MovableType. As usual, there is content I haven’t moved over yet – particularly the book pages and the quotefile. But all the blog entries are here, the blogroll is sort of here, and all in all, it’s not that radical of a change.
Which makes me quite happy.
If you see anything really screwed up (banner at the top looks completely wrong, sidebar going too long, etc), please, let me know immediately.