Just how easy is it to email a HD movie?

From Boing Boing:
Just how easy is it to email a HD movie?The FCC closed its reply comments period for the dreaded braodcast flag mandate last night. This is the proposal that argued that digital television would immediately “Napsterize” any movie broadcast over DTV, since everyone knows that digital files can be copied instanteously. In fact, the MPAA and its allies argued just that in the initial comments on the docket, and asked to therefore be put in charge of the designs of all DTV devices. So Raffi Krikorian, an MIT Media Lab student, undertook a series of empirical experiments to determine the plausibility of the MPAA’s claims about the ease with which 30GB files can be emailed to your pals. The results were filed with the FCC last night, and they’re high-larious. Don’t miss it.