A Public Service Announcement

It has been brought to my attention recently that there is new information which could bring people to the conclusion that I am a “nerd”.
Disregarding the various inaccuracies surrounding many of the attempted insults I’ve been privy to (I’m married, so saying I’m “afraid of girls” is futile; I’m 22, not 23), I need to make something painfully clear to you, the reader:
This is not news.
I have, for at least the last 6 years of my life, fully realized that I am a geek/nerd/what-have-you. Let’s face facts. I play video games – including music games, which are notoriously “gay”. I own expensive equipment for playing said music games. I have disassembled my PS2 and modified it. I, on occasion, watch anime. I head to the local arcade about once a week. I spend a fair amount of time chatting online and/or posting on message boards – and I administrate on many of the places I frequent. I work for a gaming company. I spend time maintaining my web page – and I actually pay for web space. I propigate databases and write PHP for goofy endeavors, such as the IIDX page. I listen to MC Chris. I used to read Slashdot and K5. I find Mr. Show to be funny. I have a tediously maintained MP3 collection.
To be fair to myself, I’m also married (although I proposed in a geeky way), go to parties/clubs/bars when invited (often with friends of mine who could be considered geeks), and frequently go to the movies (normally to independent films, which are quite geeky).
Furthermore, anyone that shares any of these traits may, in fact, also be a nerd/geek/whatever. It doesn’t matter which arcade you go to, which games you play, what you drive, which boards you read, or who your friends may be – you are one of “us”. I’m not saying this as an insult – the things you do in life make you fall into one category or another. I’m very comfortable being a nerd/geek, and if you fall into the same pattern as I do (and there’s a large chance you do if you’re reading this), you probably better get used to it too.
If anyone has been coming to this website and has somehow gotten under the impression that I am not a geek, please accept my deepest apologies – I had no intention of deceiving you.