Welcome to 2K3

We had our big New Year’s Bash last night. Outside the smoke alarm going off and no one being able to find the apartment, a good time was had by all – or at least most.
But I was sorely disappointed; first, by Adult Swim’s alleged Meatwad dropping completely missing the appropriate ball-dropping time and coming in like 3 minutes late; second, by me getting crap items in Animal Crossing. I didn’t need another Journal, goddamnit.
Now that we’re in 2003, make sure you avoid using worn-out words from last year.
Just ripped a 6th Style background from Konami’s pages, and I realize now that with the green gone, the page finally looks like it has a theme. I was almost surprised, but then you know what they say…when a sound and light fuse, an entertainment of shock to accept breath is created!
*ducks* And yes, I know that’s from 5th Style.
Anyhow, two new goodies – a new poll (best album of the year, replaced next week by worst album of the year), and the new Random Fact generator, to your lower right, allowing you to constantly learn something new…until you’ve seen all 25 facts.
May you all trip the deep in 2003.