News du jour

Just some potentially interesting links and notes.
Ithaca Barnes & Noble Opens for Holiday Rush (Daily Sun) – a surprisingly decent article from the Sun, although there of course has to be some dissenting opinion for SOME reason, because otherwise the Sun thinks they’re being biased. Who cares what some random Freshman thinks about how the space is laid out? Anyhow, find where Katie and her section are mentioned! (Unfortunately, my camera died, so no pictures. :( )
Schools required to send Pentagon information (AP) – more wonderful signs of impending doom. If you’re a public school and you don’t give the pentagon information abou all your kids for recruitment purposes – you might lose your funding! I love hostage situations.
On to homeland issues of a different variety – blogroll is now alive and auto-updating like crazy to your lower right. Also, Gil informed me that the newshub had permissions set wrong so that it was only accessible if you registered – I know you folks are going to register, so I tweaked the permissions and it should be visible to the rest of you. Also removed the needless “read more” and “Remy’s blog” links.
I should be back later with some more wonderful complaining about something.