Day Of The Slope

This is one of those posts I write now and then to kick the news further down the page. Yay.
Anyhow, today is Slope Day – that beautiful day where just under 10000 Cornell students blow off classes and get hammered on Libe Slope. If you’re in the mood to watch the festivities, check out the CU Webcam, which may very well be replacing my own for a day.
As you’ve probably not noticed, my cata list has moved to a separate page, and has been replaced by a final list of things happening here at Cornell. Watch as I apply the strikethrough tag in a seemingly random order!
Kate is up for the weekend, after I was down at her house last week. It’s very nice to get to see each other more than once a month, let me tell YOU what. By the way, for those people who are still confused – we’re not married yet. The wedding is still 4 months off. Thanks for asking, though.
Next week will be killer – final paper in ComLit due Wednesday, 482 final Thursday, Music and Econ finals on Friday. Hopefully I can live through it and maybe find a job to boot.
Till next time.