Tweaks Up The Wazoo

Changes to note to the website:
– Dan and Kate’s Diary has been vicitimized by Natural Selection, and have been replaced by a more complete archive of concert logs. More will be coming when I have more time. Most important, of course, is the STP review, which (if you need advertising to click my links) is probably the best concert I’ve worked.
– Archives for the last 6 months are up.
– Logo at the top has changed. Note that if you don’t have CSS enabled, you’re not viewing the page I want you too. Also, if you’re using OmniWeb, it’s anti-aliasing everything, and I don’t want it doing that either.
My next month will be extremely hectic, and no, I still don’t have a job (crossing my fingers, though). My Apple CRT monitor burned out, so I’m using a replacement for now. Going to Katie’s on Friday, and she’ll be up for Slope Day a week later. Oh, and you all absolutely must see Battle Royale now.