Boogie Wonderland

I’ve finally got a small chunk of free time, and what better to do than
write my first news entry in about a month? I’ll even go full-blog style,
because it’s been so long.

Wedding: The date has been bumped forward, and the reception will now be
in Sage Hall. More details to follow.

DDR: The path of rage continues, unsurprisingly. I seem to be playing
about an hour or more a day, and the exercise is definitely helping – I’ve
lost at least 15 pounds from when I started playing. In fact, I should
probably weigh myself again…anyhow, I’ve thrown 2 more mixes into my
collection, with another one coming in the very near future.

More DDR: I’ve now downed 6 8 Cata’s (Catastrophic’s, or
“the toughest difficulty song in the game” for the uninitiated), and I’m
starting to move into freestyling a little bit. Freestyling is where you
care less about nailing all the arrows as just looking good doing it –
which I need a lot of work on. Unfortunately, I banged up my knee badly
last week at DDR Club doing just that. If you want to see exactly what
frestyling looks like, and you have DivX installed, check out DJ
8-ball’s Cafe new routine

Reflection: That’s a large amount of DDR news. I’m such a geek.

CCC: My one-semester term as Production Director is almost over, and we
had our Run DMC show on Sunday. Highlights included a portion of Bailey
Hall collapsing (a football sized chunk of molding hit the stage because
Biz Markie’s bass was too loud), and a drugged up nutball jumping on
stage. Never mind that we only sold around 800 tickets. Oh well, it was
sort of fun, I guess. Also, I have a list of what CCC members put on
their crew signup forms as to why they think they’re special. The results are scary.

Kate: Kate was up for Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful as always to have
her up. Next visit will be right before New Year’s – no Christmas visit
again this year, sadly.

School: Classes are just about over. Still haven’t found a job for after
graduation. 4 finals in 2 days unless I can get some of them moved.

Time Wasters: Have you tried CartoonOrbit yet? Lots of fun in a collect-em-all
sort of way. I’m “Sock Him Bean29”. Also, is vgg.

Web page: A couple minor changes, as I tweak the bar of links in the lower
left no one looks at, and reconsider various bits of content. The movie
reviews, which I was gung-ho about over the summer, has languished since;
RemyHoo hasn’t been touched in ages. Linkpad/Newspad is the only thing I
regularly update, and that’s just because it’s so ass easy.

Oddity: I’ve now received 2 emails from camgirls looking to be put on the
MGWCPT. Trying to figure out what to do about it, exactly. Maybe just
make it a general cam portal?

Purchases: Greatly reduced since I now have roughly 0 money for kicking
around. Still, I can’t recommend Paul van Dyk’s The Politics of

Closing: If you’re bored, email me/IM me/whatever me.