End Of The Semester

As of 5 PM today, I will be on vacation. As I am leaving my Cube in the house (and for once NOT dragging it home with me), I will be online considerably less this break than usual. However, I can always pop by the house should I need my fix. So rock on.
Schedule of events is as follows: Work all this week, Christmas-related activities all next week, Kate here the week after, us down at Kate’s the week after that, and then one more week of work before I start the last semester.
Should you need to reach me, email is the best; calling my cell may also work, but given varying reception, the house phone may be better.
All my finals went fine, and I’ve already gotten one grade back (B+ in IT). My knee has recovered after me royally fucking it up at DDR Club up on North a few weeks back. I’m now up to 14 Catas. I now have every mix save 1st. I am disgustingly addicted.
Hope you all have a happy Holiday and all that jazz.