Finally, Updates

It’s been a hectic week. So let me fill you in:
**Spring Break** – sadly ended on Sunday. Much moping ensued.
**CCC** – BB King tickets are on sale and quite available. Buy some
today via the usual channels. The show is April 8.
**School** – another large chunk of 418 was due today, so I was
completely frazzled and spent about 18 hours in the lab total over two
days. Not fun.
**OS X** – was released last weekend and has since become my primary OS.
Accounts are available for the geeky types, just mail/IM me.
**Job Interview** – I had an interview today for a summer internship
with CBORD doing quality assurance. We’ll see if I get the job in a few
**WMX7** – the grandaddy of them all is this weekend. If you’re
interested in partaking, there’s a viewing at 5M. If this is all foreign
to you, don’t bother asking – you’ll just roll your eyes.
I think that’s it for now.