I have just completed my irritating 264 lab, so I can take a break to
let you, the reader, in on my life once more. I mean, what the hell else
are you coming here for?
The Mos Def/BEP show was last night, and for the first time in my two
and a half years on CCC, I worked Stage Crew. To put this in perspective
– I worked Security for 11 shows, Crew Head for 5 of those. I figured it
was time for a change.
On the plus side – Stage lets you get the feeling that you’ve actually
done something. Stage means you can actually watch some of the show
without worrying about watching people. Stage lets you talk to more of
the crews, which is enjoyable in its own way. Stage gets three meals,
plus Manos after the show if you’re up for it. Stage gets the cool
colored shirt. Stage gets passes automagically. Stage gets to interact
with the band a LOT.
On the minus side – Stage gets there early, is there all day, and leaves
late. Stage is a lot of heavy lifting, pulling, pushing, etc. Stage is
the reason that if I stretch right now, it hurts.
All in all, I enjoyed it a lot, and will definitely be doing it again in
the future. I’d like to thank, in semi-random order: Ryan, Joe, Stefan,
Alex, Chris, Christina, Jess, John, Leon, Mike, Henry, Jimmy from the
BEPs, Jack from Northeastern, and all of Stage Crew that wasn’t named
earlier in this thank you. As for the concert itself – I liked what I
heard of BEP. I didn’t enjoy Mos Def.
In VERY happy news, Henry Bloom (who is now the Selections director)
told me that A Perfect Circle is looking for tour dates. WOOOOOOOOOOOT!
So yeah, I can’t move right now, even though I really need to go get
lunch. I have one more prelim this week (woohoo), and then next Tuesday
I’m off to Kate’s house. Oh, and this Saturday I’m having a meal with
Jason Whong. Awesome.
Need me? Find me. Love me? Tell me. Hate me? Blow me.