I Have Seen The Future

It is Final Fantasy 9.
Picked this sucker up from EB yesterday, took it home (home home, not
Sheldon home), and just sat and played almost non-stop till 1 AM. Woke
up this morning, played just about till it was time for lunch with
Jason. Came home, played some more.
I have not felt a level of sheer enjoyment and fun like this in years.
It’s clicking on every level, and I think it’s a perfect end to the 32
bit line of FF games. It looks beautiful, and there’s enough FMV to make
your jaw drop for most of the first disc. The music is a perfect blend
of the old melodies along with some new sounds. The characters all have
distinct personalities, there’s enough diversionary stuff to keep your
eyes peeled.
And the gameplay…oh dear god, it’s heavenly. The abilities system is
FINALLY something that seems resonable. MP are back. The limit break bar
is back from FF7. And 4 characters to a party! This is unheard of since
Anyone with a PSX who loved FF3 is hereby forced to go buy it, trade for
it, steal it, or whatever – just get your bloody hands on it NOW.
As for the rest of my weekend – lunch with Jason WHONG~! went very well.
We gossiped a lot about the industry, and I got a number of hot
exclusives regarding future moves in the industry. I think I heard at
least 3 things that made my jaw drop WIDE open. One will be announced
tomorrow or the day after. Anyhow, much love to Jason for being such a
wonderful guy.
In an unrelated story, Kate told me an amusing anecdote the other day;
it seems that she was recently out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant,
and the drink service was a little slow. So, taking a page from the
Mentos Corporation, my baby went into the kitchen and got the drinks
herself. If only she had a roll of Mentos, it would have been perfect.
Hmm, there’s an idea for a Christmas present…
In case you haven’t heard, I’m going to Kate’s this Tuesday. Won’t be
back till Sunday next weekend, so no updates for a while. But keep it
real, people.