Week 5 Complete

Sunday morn and I’m waking up…but enough with the Chemical Brothers.
Moby tickets sold out in 6 hours, which ain’t too bad. Most of my circle
of friends (there’s a joke to be made about them all being jerks, and
that being a circle-jerk) are in row F center, which are awesome seats.
I will hopefully be once again leading the security crew to certain
Chuck D. on Thursday was awesome; very down to earth guy with a lot of
good thoughts on the digital music situation. He was also extremely
hilarious. I can’t even begin to list all the jokes he pulled.
Some people were under the idea (myself included) that it might be a
good idea for me to run for CCC Exec Board. I found out on Friday that
my friend John Weissman (our current Promotion Director) is running for
the position I would have wanted to run for. Since John and I have a
very similar taste in music, I see no real reason to run against him.
Sorry to those of you hoping.
This week shall be extremely hellish for me, with 4 prelims spanning
Tuesday (Cog 101 in the morning, CS 414 in the evening), Wednesday (CS
381 at 9 AM), and Thursday (OR 350 in the evening). After all this is
said and done, I’m driving down to Kate’s house for Fall Break – so if
you need to get in touch with me, do it soon because I’ll be unavailable
until late on the 10th.