The Dreaded News Update

Well, this has been an interesting week. Let me quickly fill you in so
that I can get out the door in time for 381.
– We got denied, hardcore, for housing yesterday when someone else
signed the lease on the house we wanted. Crap. We’re looking at another
place that is potentially much better.
– The aftermath of the Moby show revealed that the dressing rooms were
trashed very badly, and that Moby is an even more bizarre guy than I
thought previously.
– I enjoy how every time I go home, I seem to log another 6 hours on
Chrono Cross.
– Hybrid’s Wide Angle rocks. I highly recommend you pick it up.
– CourseEnroll was this past week, and as usual, it was a complete
bitch. I won’t ramble on endlessly about interface issues, stupid
network connection schemes, etc.
I’m around as usual, you know where to find me.