Noo Nooze

We signed our lease today for 133 N. Quarry – a beautiful 10 bedroom
house with a wonderful landlord. Thanks to Nick Lambrou for being
extremely understanding and helpful when we needed help.
I’d also like to thank my 9 roommates for dealing with my hectic hand
waving as I tried to get the lease in order over the past week.
Hopefully I’ll get some pictures of the house soon.
Other going ons – I got slaughtered towards the end of the week with
work, but what else is new? Stress release of the week is International
Track and Field (1995) from Konami for the PSX. I’ve shattered record
after record with button mashing madness. And have you seen the movies
for the PS2 version? Insane!
Also insane – Record Town now charges $20 for a regular CD. I don’t need
to say anything, other than point all of you good people
This week should be average…next CCC show is Mos Def w/ the Black Eyed
Peas on November 12th. I hope to work stage for the first time ever, so
hopefully it’ll be fun. Check out the awesome poster that we’ve got for
the show – I have a large one on my door.
Hopefully I can write some reviews this week, I’ve got a lot of material
I want to cover. But we’ll see. Till next time, take care.