So It Begins

Today, I realized what is going to be the toughest non-essential decision of the semester: which teacher on Tuesday/Thursday is funnier?

Professor Mosse, who teaches CS414, is a very wacky Brazilian type, who cracks one joke every 3 minutes. Even his bad jokes are good.

On the other hand, Michael Spivey, who teaches COG 101, made a very strong leap for the lead today. In the past, his only truly wacky trait was using a sword as a pointer for his slides. But while explaining “combinational explosions” with regards to logic (lots of variables = huge truth tables), he said “Now while I don’t have any video of a combinational explosion, I do have video of a combine explosion”. He then proceeded to play (I Am Not Making This Up) a 90 second clip of him playing Carmageddon 2 and smashing other cars, people, and then finally, the combine car in the game. Such creative use of video games, let alone Carma 2, is amazing.

I’m contemplating setting up a subpage for tracking all their wacky exploits this semester. It will be a tough call, I’m sure.