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RBNY 2011 Home Games Of Note

The 2011 MLS schedule is now out.

I brought a number of friends out to Red Bull Arena last year, and they all enjoyed the experience. For those who were thinking of making the trek out to Harrison for one of the seventeen home matches, here are the ones that are likely to be the most interesting.

## March 19 – Red Bulls v Seattle Sounders

The home opener will undoubtedly have the most in the way of fireworks and general excitement. It will be the first time to see what our starting eleven looks like, and to see how the team has gelled during the pre-season. (Signs are looking good, thus far.)

## April 16 – Red Bulls v San Jose Earthquakes

Last year, the RBNY MLS Cup dreams were shattered by a heartbreaking 3-1 loss at home in the second leg of the quarterfinals, enough to lose on aggregate. This match will be a chance for revenge.

## July 9 – Red Bulls v D.C. United

Perhaps the most heated rivalry in the Eastern Conference, there is no love between the Metro fans and those they refer to as “the Scum”. D.C. finished at the bottom of the league last season, but have been rebuilding as best they can in the off-season. Expect a lot of heat from both supporter sections.

## August 28 – Red Bulls v L.A. Galaxy

It’s easy to point to Landon Donovan and David Beckham (who may no longer be under contract) as reasons to come see the Galaxy, but for the South Ward, the question here will be Juan Pablo Angel. After being let go by the Red Bulls management, he was re-drafted by LA, and this will be his first regular season visit back to RBA. Will he continue to create, or will his age finally catch up with him?

## October 20 – Red Bulls v Philadelphia Union

The home closer will be our second biggest rivals in the I-95 corridor. Expect a loud representation from Philly to show up and make things even more interesting than usual.

If you’re interested in attending, you’ve got a couple of options: full season plans, 10 game plans, 5 game plans, and four-ticket opening day family packages are currently available.

Individual tickets will be available within the coming weeks, as will a two-game package that includes the LA game.

I (Still) Believe

Nearly fifteen years ago, during a high school band trip to NYC, I was part of a well-reasoned insurrection. We had one goal: to commandeer one of the charter buses on a trip a few miles down the road, where the Metrostars were playing the Columbus Crew in the what was the third week of the opening season of Major League Soccer. Our plot somehow worked, and I remember racing up the steps of the Meadowlands to find my seat behind one of the corner flags and watch actual first division soccer in my home country. The Metros lost 2-0, and my general disappointment ended up turning me into a DC United fan for the remainder of the season.
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To every action, there are consequences.

Few actions will illustrate this as well as Zinedine Zidane’s vicious headbutt in the 110th minute of the World Cup final. One moment of stupidity and anger overshadows every contribution, every minute played. Even the miraculous goal he scored in the 7th is quickly forgotten.

And worse, his removal – and lack of expertise during penalties – may have been enough to push Italy over the top. I don’t enjoy condemning teams solely on the actions of one player, but I am overjoyed to see Italy win.

[The Guardian](http://football.guardian.co.uk/worldcup2006/minbymin/0,,1788448,00.html):

> It’s hard to do justice to just how horrible that headbutt was – you instinctively recoil like you’re the victim; it’s brutal, you feel the teeth grinding as he rams into Materazzi. You feel your eyelids instinctively magnetising with every replay; it’s as unwatchable as that bit in Scream when Drew Barrymore has her little skinny tummy sliced and diced. That really, erm, put the ‘no!’ in ‘denouement’. Or maybe it was denouemental. I don’t know; I’m tired. But it makes for the most spectacular drama.


One thing I’ve learned living in Astoria is that no matter who wins, the car horns begin honking soon after.

For once, I’m looking forward to it.