How To Download Taiko No Tatsujin Portable Songs

As a music game geek, I would have been remiss to not pick up [Taiko No Tatsujin Portable](, a somewhat faithful recreation of the very popular Japanese arcade game. Granted, there’s no drum to bang on, but the game plays surprisingly well on the PSP.
Namco recently announced that they were going to allow song downloads, and lo and behold, the first three songs were posted today on [the downloads site]( The instructions, of course, are in Japanese – and while you can sort of make out what’s going on in English, I figured it might be worth having an easy-to-follow guide for those that don’t want to slog through page upon page of Japanese. Follow along, if you will…

You need:

– A copy of Taiko No Tatsujin Portable.
– A PSP.
– A USB cable capable of connecting your PSP to your computer.
– Basic reasoning skills.

Start Taiko No Tatsujin Portable. Select your profile, and then go to the Options Screen (far right option).

Pick the second option from the left (pictured below):

Pick the second option from the left on this screen (pictured below):

Quit the game, and pick USB Connection. Connect the PSP to your computer.

Go to the following path: /(YOURPSP)/PSP/SAVEGAME/PPCD00765_NAMCO_TAIKO/. You’ll find a download.htm – open it in your web browser. There will be a single link on the page. Click it.

On the ensuing page, click on the Green button (pictured below).

On the resulting page, you’ll find three red buttons. Each one of these is a song, so open each one for the following steps:

On the resulting page, you’ll see a DON link and a KAT link (pictured below). Right-click each one (both .DON and .KAT) and save the linked file into /(YOURPSP)/PSP/SAVEGAME/PPCD00765_NAMCO_TAIKO/ (the same folder you found download.htm).

The .DON files are 1.3-1.9 MB; the .KAT files are .1 kb.

Important note: If you’re on OS X, Safari will try and download the .DON files as .DON.txt. You will have to *hard* rename these, using Terminal, as the Finder doesn’t seem to understand you don’t want it as .txt.

After you’re done downloading all the songs, disconnect your PSP and relaunch Taiko No Tatsujin Portable. If you’re successful, you’ll see an extra step in the load sequence where it’ll load some more stuff off the memory card. Then, once you hit the song list, you’ll see the extra three at the end of the song list:

The songs don’t have any sort of preview, but they definitely do work.


  • Sakurina

    It should be mentioned that you **can** change the filename in the Get Info window (Command-I), by doing the following:
    * Opening the get info window, and then the “Name & Extension” section.
    * Uncheck “Hide extension”
    * Rename it then
    * Press enter.
    * Confirm.
    * Enjoy.

  • Xythar

    Have they released a Taiko no Tatsujin DS yet? If not, why not? It seems like the DS would be a far better portable system for the game since you could have a drum on the touchscreen that you hit with the stylus. :/

  • Cash Donohue

    Have you run into any problems with the downloaded content? Seems like every time I download the entire available batch, I have them for the first time I play…but the moment I remove the UMD and then play again (later), I get the extra loading screen (complete with jumping lanterns) but the extra tracks don’t show…any insight at all would be helpful – thanks!

  • FireBreath

    Tutorial worked great. Since then there’s a whole bunch more songs on the site.
    There’s now 17 songs on the site, but you can’t seem to load more than 3 onto the PSP at once, it will only load the first 3 (not sure how it chooses which 3). But having to turn it on/off 5 times to load up all the songs and decide which 3 i want is time-consuming.
    Also, there’s a couple Yes/No steps that seem to have been added (or were omitted from the walkthrough). Just remember that Yes is on the left, and No is on the right. Always click Yes to continue.