Movie Review: Death Race 2000

(Note: In an effort to do more content, anything vaguely interesting I see/hear/play/go to will now get a review. I know you’re excited.)

Death Race 2000 (1975) stars David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone. It was made on a $300,000 budget. The concept is that in the year 2000, there is a transcontinental race where points are awarded for the more pedestrians you kill.

It sounds bad because it is. It was terrible. From the indescribable
soundtrack, to the cheesy lines (“A lot of people think you’re cute, but I just think you’re a big baked potato.”), to the numerous continuity errors, to the traps straight out of a Road Runner cartoon, this movie is terrible.

It’s also the funniest movie I’ve seen in the past year. I almost pissed
myself with laughter. Big thumbs up for nothing more than its pure

Rainy Saturday Afternoon Updates

Well, it’s Saturday, and it’s raining, so I’m inherently bored. What to

Well, first off, Neil Marcus has protested a lack of updates (mostly for
his quotes) on the quotefile, so there’s a couple new quotes there.
Disregard the number at the top, it’s innacurate these days.

Also, the Bank of W-Up Mountain W-Up Credit Union (an
equal-opportunity W-Up lender) has hit its potential max for funds; we
fit 108 cans of soda in the fridge today. Pictures later so you can see
what we do for fun at Cornell.

Oh God, Not Again

Yes folks, it’s quite possibly my least favorite day of the year. Why do
I not like April Fools day at all? Because over the past couple of years, everyone feels the need to pull jokes, to the point where the
world is so oversaturated with jokes that nothing legitimate can get done.

I have nothing against the jokes, but when you see a million press
releases go up, and you see the words “SHOCKING NEWS” fifty times, you just have to roll your eyes and go Bah(tm). And because of that, any even slightly legitimate news will be completely ignored. So, in effect, nothing can happen today. It’s a day completely lost from the year.

Example: Last night, while pacing around aimlessly for CourseEnroll (and yes, I got all my classes in just fine, thank you), I wondered into the Friedland/Cross compound and saw an email from one Michael Suttles. The email said that he was going to be transferring to UT Austin. The first words out of my mouth were, “It’s April Fools Day.”

But what if Mike IS transfering to UT Austin? I was contemplating
transfering for most of last semester. Do we all brush off everything
today just because we don’t want to feel like a jackass?

Enough ranting from me.