The Great Disconnect

Some of you might’ve noticed I wasn’t exactly online this weekend. Despite my great zeal in retelling the trials and tribulations I’ve been through, let’s just say Time Warner is fixing it tomorrow morning.

Without cable TV or cable modem, we’ve been forced to (gasp) leave the house more. Saturday we took the Steinway bus down to see a matinĂ©e, and then decided to walk back up Steinway, partaking in great sights like The House Of Baby and the dog on the kid’s ride.

Sunday we did a lot of walking around the neighborhood – up, down, and all around. Strange sights were still quite common. While wandering into a greek shopping plaza to hit a grocery store Katie had seen from the subway, we discovered a Greek bakery, far better than most of the ones we’ve been to, called Artopolis. We picked up some goodies, including a raspberry tart I devoured last night – simply superb. I look forward to heading back there again and again.

We also did our semi-annual video game purge, where we trade back all the games we’ve grown tired of and apply the credit towards new bits of gaming goodness. Making this purge particularly unique is that we traded back one of our DSes. Sorry, Nintendo – the drought of games makes it really unnecessary to own two (let alone one). The credit went towards the one-two difficulty punch of Devil May Cry 3 (for Katie) and Gran Turismo 4 (for me), with enough credit banked away to grab a couple more games in the future.

As much as I enjoy meandering around Astoria, even with the improving weather – I’d really like to get back online from home. *shakes fist at Time Warner*