Puzzled Over

RedOctane Gets Nasty

Gamespot [is reporting]( that RedOctane and Activision are doing something that seems mighty familiar:

>Last month, RedOctane and new parent company Activision filed suit against The Ant Commandos, a Chino, California-based company selling a lineup of wired and wireless guitar controllers for use with the PlayStation 2 edition of Guitar Hero. The developer and publisher of Guitar Hero allege that The Ant Commandos are guilty of a litany of offenses, including unfair competition, trademark infringement, copyright infringement, unfair and deceptive trade practices, false advertising, unjust enrichment, and more. The suit also names Hong Lip Yow as a defendant, saying The Ant Commandos is a shell company and that for all intents and purposes, he and the company are one and the same.

There’s something really, really hilarious to have RedOctane – a company that built its initial fortune on making 3rd party controllers for basically every Konami music game – suing another company for making 3rd party controllers. Base level irony. It is, as some would say, a hoot. A fucking hoot.

(This is ignoring the amount of inspiration In The Groove took from Dance Dance Revolution, and ignoring the amount of inspiration Guitar Hero took from Guitar Freaks. And don’t take this as a statement of which game is better in either case.)