Kermit, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down

Via Noah Brier: Simon Owens has created what may be the most appropriate video possible for LCD Soundsystem’s New York, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down.

It gets better: when the Kermit-like nature of the vocals were brought up a few months ago, James Murphy responded with this:

the “kermitness” in the vocal was totally intentional. in fact, had the song sung, and went back, saying “it needs to be more like kermit”. i know this sounds like i’m taking the piss here, but it’s 100% fact.

Taking the piss or not, it’s a great video, and it’s put a smile on my face. So kudos to those involved.

EDIT: The video has been pulled, and I don’t need a lawsuit but you can find it elsewhere. James explains:

the reason it’s getting pulled down is basically that it was just a fun thing a guy was doing, and we ran into each other in a bar and i went and shot with him for less than an hour… it was just a fin thing! but then it got very widespread… and, uh, kermit is sort of now owned by disney… and, uh… they scare me.