Tutorial: Easy Archiving for Gmail IMAP

Long overdue update: There was a post here explaining how to mess with your iOS settings to get the Mail application to “archive” instead of “delete”, as some people prefer one behavior over the other.

As of iOS 4.2, this tutorial is completely unnecessary, as there’s a setting to choose whether you want the now-default Archive method, or a regular old delete. You can find it in the main account settings for your Gmail account:

I have nuked the previous tutorial, as it was confusing and useless in light of Apple engineering out a better option.


Uncork The Champagne: Eudora Is Dead

Peter [breaks the happy news](

> Qualcomm on Wednesday announced plans to release future versions of its Eudora e-mail client software as open source. The company is collaborating with The Mozilla Foundation to base the next version of Eudora on Mozilla’s Thunderbird e-mail software.

> The company has released the final commercial versions of Eudora for Mac ad Windows, and is selling them at a reduced price of $19.95 with a six-month tech support period (customers who have already paid will have their tech support commitments honored in their entirety).

I have never been so happy to see a piece of software die in my life.