Unshy Advertising

I begin this post with the strongest disclaimer I have ever written.

If you are any of the following:

– Under 18.
– Of any familial relation to me, by blood or by law.
– One of my coworkers.
– A prude.
– Against pornography in any form.
– Unable to deal with strong language.
– At work, or school, or anywhere else you may lose your lot in life for reading the wrong links.

**You really should not read the rest of this post.** The post that follows will be discussing a fairly edgy advertising campaign and its implications on the world in general. While there is no direct link to the advertising site in question, there is certainly information on how to get there. If you decide to read the rest of the post, you agree to not hold me liable for any trouble reading it may bring you, especially if you decide to visit said site.

(I realize a warning like this is like the forbidden cigarette, where by telling someone repeatedly they cannot have something, they want it more. Trust me, friends, this is for your own good.)