Vox Me

I’ve been “blogging” (quotes make it seem like I may have been doing something else!) for over six and a half years. In that time, I’ve had a horrible dilemma to grapple with: what exactly am I blogging about?

Faced with this, I have always chosen the dyslexic path. Political strife one day, geek howtos the next, wacky anecdotes the third day. My lack of a central topic has given more than one person whiplash.

This will never change.

However, there is one form of blogging I’ve been remiss from doing across practically the entire duration: short and informal. I would reckon that this might be called “Livejournal-style”, as it’s terribly popular over there. Memes, polls, one liners, single links – all the sort of stuff you tend not to want to use when trying to reach an audience.

But, still, there is an itch to scratch. And thusly Six Apart has stepped up and created Vox, essentially LiveJournal crossed with TypePad. In terms of use, it seems to be getting a lot of mileage from established long-form bloggers who want to pretend like they’re on LiveJournal with their established long-form blogger friends.

This just happens to be up my street, so I have joined thanks to a friend-of-a-friend invite.
So for those of you who want more spontaneous Dan, who’s mostly going to focus on little events or music reviews or what have you, make sure you go over there and/or subscribe. I’m not ditching this blog by any stretch (and those of you who are reading on LJ, the syndicated account isn’t going anywhere either), I’m just expanding the business.

The business of giving you the business.

EDIT: Those of you on LJ who want to keep up from there should subscribe to remy_vox. Thanks, starcreator!


New Template

It’s that once yearly time where I get tired of the layout I have and switch to an entirely different one.

This one finally cures something that’s always bothered me immensely about most MT themes – the artificial 500px content boundary. I’m sure 500px is great for keeping people focused on text, but it’s horrible if you want to post a picture with reasonable size.

This theme is “[darkhash](”, with a couple tweaks to fit my overly particular nature. It’s my vote to win the [MT/LJ/TypePad Style Contest](

Some content has settled in transit and may be missing for the time being; it’ll be back soon, I promise.

UPDATE: I’ve ungimped the comment form, upped the font size to make the pages easier to read, increased the width a little, replaced a handful of icons, and added a tag cloud to the archives page. I appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten and certainly won’t mind getting more.


Linkblog Rolled Back Into Blog Posts

I’ve decided to once again re-roll my link blog back into my daily blog postings and pull it off the sidebar. This way, maybe people will actually read it. (God forbid!)