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Astoria Blacked Out!

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Guarding The Dark

For those of you who haven’t heard, [Astoria has been under blackout conditions]( since Tuesday night. We were still under said conditions when I left for work this morning, and expect to be in them through the better part of the weekend, if ConEd is to be believed.

One important thing to remember when you read news stories about this: ConEd loves to throw out this number of “1900 homes”. The proper term should be “1900 customers”. Each building is essentially one customer. I’ve seen estimates that 250,000 people are affected. (Since I originally wrote this post, ConEd has admitted that [the number of customers affected is roughly 25,000](,0,580714.story?coll=am-topheadlines).)

After throwing out all of our groceries last night, I decided to get out the camera and walk down Ditmars today; there are a [few more]( on Flickr.



Because its appropriate, just for today:

And there are [blackouts in LA tonight](,
There’s an evident lack of light tonight,
An increase in desire
You’ll catch me
Hanging out on a wire
[Cutting the voltage to your power lines](
And the lights. Go. Out.

-*Blackout*, by Hybrid, off their latest album