Doing It For The Shortees

Got a lot of little things I wanted to post about, but I figured it’d be easier to glom them all into one gigantic post instead:

– Our vacation to Ithaca went well; [photos are up](
– As a sort of tangential thing, it’s worth noting that we flew back, into JFK, on September 11th. It definitely does seem to be a light travel day, as JFK was largely empty. Understandable, I guess.
– Big congrats to my very good friend Gillian Daniel and her no-longer fiancee Josh Sarmir, who were married yesterday in a small ceremony. Best wishes to the two of you, and I hope you have many happy years together ahead of you.
– Ted Leo was on KEXP last week and did a bunch of songs, including Sons Of Cain (formerly known as “New Untitled Song”); you can get a much better MP3 of it as a result.
– Another friend of mine, Susan Michael, is organizing a national day of garage sales for donating to victims of Hurricane Katrina. If you’re interested – Susan could definitely use the help in spreading the word beyond my tiny blog – please check out [](

More later if it comes to me.