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Work Anecdote 1: Speedy Delivery

Yesterday, I was told that one of the 250GB drive modules in one of our Xserve RAIDs had apparently gone kaput. While this is the first time I’ve seen this happen in two years, and it doesn’t affect production (horrah for hot spares!), we did need to get it replaced.
Today, at 2:45, I called Applecare Enterprise Support. 10 minutes later, I had a case number and a dispatch number.

At about 3:15, I got a call from the service courier, who wanted to confirm that I had the dispatch number, give me their number, and told me they’d be in touch Monday about scheduling a pickup for the dead drive.

I took a few minutes to run up to the unit in question and swap out the dead 250GB for a spare 400GB, just as a temporary lest we have another failure over the weekend.

At 4:40, I got a call from our front desk, saying that there was someone here with a package. I scratched my head, not putting two and two together (for reasons to be detailed in the next anecdote), and told the desk where to send them.
Five minutes later, a courier appeared with the drive module.

Literally two hours from when I called, I had my replacement hardware in hand.

I realize this is not typical, but man oh man, that was lightning quick. Kudos to Applecare Enterprise.