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The Auditor


About four years into my web presence, I was putting up pictures of my high school graduation. One of them was of my family gathered around me.

About a week after I put the photo up, I received a joking email from my dad, informing me that I had used his likeness without his permission and that I should remove it immediately. (I’m sure this was one of those life lessons that he always attempts to instill.)

In retaliation, I gave him a witness-protection style blue dot over his head.

In light of Father’s Day, here is a very recent photo of my Dad. I am already looking forward to the cease and desist letter.

Debated Happened

Mother’s Day

Mom and I, at Top of The Rock last month.

I have been told on more than one occasion that I am difficult to shop for. What many people may not realize is that I get this trait from my parents.

A conversation with my Mom, loosely transcribed, from a few days ago:

> Mom: So what do you want for your birthday?
> Me: I don’t know. What do you want for Mother’s Day?
> Mom: I don’t want anything, really. Just remember that it’s Mother’s Day.


Showtime Picks Up AD, Sort Of

[Via Defamer]( comes a pointer to [this TWoP post]( from Glark, which I will quote liberally:

I was coming out of my gym here in Toronto today and downstairs outside the Whole Foods market there’s a guy with his French pug talking dog talk with someone. Super cute dog so I go in for a little owner-authorized pet.

The owner? One Jason Bateman.

I introduced myself and we get talking about the site and the show.

Here are the things I remember (and he gave full blessing to post the info as he loves the site and you guys but he’s too shy and too cute to post on the boards):

– Mitch loves you guys and it was nice to see people getting the show and enjoying the show especially at times when network directives were “make the show 30% dumber”

– Showtime has picked up the show for 2 years at 12 episodes a year (maybe it was 13) with a third year option

– The ball is in Mitch’s court and Jason said Mitch will be making that decision within the next 24-48 hours though I don’t know if that means we’ll know about it at that time or not

I know we’ve been up and down this cancelation road a number of times over the last two years, and I can only hope that this will give us a frozen banana of closure.

(Ten cents gets you nuts.)