NYC Trip, Day 1 (slightly late)

After getting out of bed ungodly early, my Mom and I headed out around 6 AM. We drove and drove and drove, a blisteringly boring drive. I was demanded to take the wheel at one point, and of course, it started to pour immediately thereafter. I’d like to think I handled the drive well, though.

We arrived at the reunion at 11:05, earlier than anyone else. And as usual, it was a wee bit uncomfortable at first, as all reunions seem to be. But eventually the people started filling in and we all got settled. I spent most of the time either talking to my relative Roberta (an e-book specialist in the city), Suzy (who lives in Spain), or my cousin Emily, who goes to Goucher. I also got a lot of questions from the elder relatives about the usual nonsense.

We left around 4:30 and headed back to Morrestown. After some chit-chatting and sandwiches for dinner (note: it seems we are required by law to have sandwiches at least once for dinner while we’re here), I retreated to the basement for some good old TV. Game Show Network and ECW drowned my sorrows.

Called Kate – phone trouble abound as usual. Very excited as always to be seeing her tomorrow, though.


Fun from work

January this year – my hard drive mysteriously starts making clicking noises every now and then. I check the drive. Nothing is wrong. Life goes on.

This past Friday – Working on my projects when a folder of documentation is listed as corrupted. I run CHKDSK. Errors pop up. Life goes on. Monday – something else fails. My machine and sysadmin insist I run CHKDSK again. More errors pop up. I sigh.

Tuesday – The part of IE that holds passwords fails, so I can’t use forms without two error messages. Then my major project folder dies (luckily backed up the day before). Then Internet Explorer gets corrupted.

Welcome to Hard Disk Replacement City – population, me. I have rebuilt my machine from scratch, and it’s been a complete pain. I thought I was having troubles with my Mac at home, but this puts things in perspective.