I wish I could find constant motivation to write something of substance that isn’t a eulogy. Alas, today is not the day.

Floyd Cardoz passed away Tuesday due to COVID-19.

I cannot begin to describe how bizarre it is to link to a NYT obituary for someone I know.

How strange it is to have someone you can refer to as a friend, someone you’ve shared a meal with, be taken from the world like this.

How weird it is to think about the times we’ve shared. To think back to the last time I saw Floyd – and how, even though it had been a few years at the time, he spoiled us with food and still treated us like family.

I’m excising the usual shower of anecdotes and tangents from this post. (Dave Chang did it better than I ever could.) I’m just going to skip to the end and leave this post with this:

If you don’t think COVID-19 is serious – that it’s “just a flu”, that it won’t take people from your life – it’s time to wake up.