A List Of Things That Have Made Me Happy Over The Last Month

* Barcade Jersey City.
* The EPs from Donald Glover’s rap sideproject/alter-ego, Childish Gambino.
* Duncan Jones’ sophomore film, Source Code.
* J.G. Quintel’s show, Regular Show
* My first Kelvin Slush of the year – tea/citrus with raspberry mix-in.
* Late, crazy dinners with friends.
* The final LCD Soundsystem show at MSG.
* New and new-ish social networks: Stellar, and Mlkshk, and Lanyrd.
* Red Bull New York, who have not only been on a tremendous run of form over the last month, but also held an event at the Adidas Store where I got everyone to sign a jersey.
* Sega’s Yakuza 4.
* Valve’s Portal 2.
* Warner Brother’s revival of Mortal Kombat.