The Inevitable Once-A-Year Blog Housekeeping Post

The number of people who care about the technical details of any blog tends to be in the single digits. It is in everyone’s interest that I keep this succinct:

* New layout: took [Mid-Century](, converted it to the beloved PVW color set, chopped up the sidebar a bit so it wasn’t so widget-y. The whole site should be easier to read, although I’m sure there’s a bunch of images being chopped due to
* Better organization: nuked old un-used category structure. Created new, somewhat whimsical category structure, which is more about structure than content. Visit the site and explore. Not everything has been re-categorized yet – it will take quite a while.
* Added yearly archives. Monthly archives would end up being too long of a list.
* Related entries by tag search now enabled for all tagged entries.
* RSS feed is now redirecting (permanently) to the Atom feed. Those of you on the legacy RSS feed may get a feed burp; apologies.

Thanks to Zach Szukala for lending his eyes.