Feed Me

My family, my colleagues, and my friends are all saying the same thing: Dan, you idiot, you aren’t posting to your blog enough.
Sure, I can see how if you’re reading just this one page, you’re not seeing much happen on a daily basis. But this is hardly the only place I am “posting to”, if you want to call it that. I, like so many of my peers, sign up for nearly every new fangled website that comes along. Some fall by the wayside, but the ones that stick get constant attention. Here’s a list of where I am, effective now.

What is a man? A miserable pile of web services. But enough talk – have at you.

## Vimeo

I recently acquired a Flip Ultra video camera, and rather than deal with the brilliant human condition known as “YouTube commenters”, I’d rather post my random shit to Vimeo. Not a ton there right now, but as time goes by, more should appear. You can find my account at [](

## Yelp

Buzz Anderson, god love him, told me that the time to join Yelp was two years ago. I never mind being late to the party. So for business reviews of all sorts and sizes, you’ll find me over here.

## Tumblr

There are two types of blog posts I specialize in: the needlessly long, and the short/stupid. I had intended for the short/stupid to end up on my Vox account, but something about the service didn’t stick. But Tumblr has what I crave – whether that be electrolytes or simple quick blogging. You can find my tumble-blog at

## Kongregate

I do enjoy a good bit of social gaming from time to time, and Kongregate seems like a pretty good way to do it. Add me as a friend and enjoy all sorts of crazy gaming experiences.

## The Others

Are you checking my photos regularly? Reading my bookmarks? Following my Twittering? Coordinating travel with me? Going to all tomorrow’s parties? Getting my checkins?

Following me is a full time job, I suppose.