Red Flags

Normally, when I drive myself near the point of exhaustion, my body develops a sharp ache in one spot of my body. Previous manifestations have included my back, portions of my mouth, and my foot. It almost always passes in a day or two.

This time is a little different. I have dull pain system-wide: shoulder, both knees, neck. I had what felt like a pulled muscle for about one hour today – limited to just that hour. I have, during more than one evening in the last week, felt light headed.

I am going to attempt to slow things down a bit for the remainder of the week; being already behind on personal obligations, this makes me feel even worse. Hampering things further is the recent weird shorting out of my Sidekick 2, which I’m trying to resolve without having to flat out buy a new one. So if I owe you anything – money, source code, Pop’n 12 support on PNN, DVDs or other media I’ve borrowed and still neglected to return – bear with me just through this weekend. It’ll all happen soon, I promise.