Whatever You Call Him, He Still Likes Making Biscuits With His Pawpads

Buttons: Still Kicking It

When we first got the much beloved cat [Buttons](, there was some confusion about whether his name was *Buttons* or *Button*. The tag they etched on his collar was missing the S, but we stuck with it regardless.

When our good friend [Thom]( first met the cat, he couldn’t remember the cat’s name, so he started guessing B names – including *Brickhouse* and *Bubbles*.

Over the years, we’ve picked up other nicknames for him on our own. *Butt-Butt* is most frequently used, only because it’s very quick and easy to say. *Mr. Kitty* and *Se├▒or Buttones* add a bit of regal charm, while *Baby Kitty* was reserved for serious baby talk. *dj BTNS* emerged after the IIDX thing.

A few months ago, when Suw was visiting, I was amused as she started calling him *Nubbin(s)*, as well as *Mr. Nubbin(s)*. But bizarrely, we had another British houseguest this week, and he – on his own, with no mention of the previous nickname – used the same two nicknames. Is there some secret Buttons-to-Brit connection I’m not aware of?

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