Do Not Mess With The Youngna

So picture this – I’m trying to gently slide into the NYC blog scene, at least the portions of it I find non-intimidating. I go to a Slice Club meetup and am bewildered by the number of people I don’t know. But there, sitting right near me, is a nice young girl who it turns out has *also* gone to Cornell. And she brought cookies.

This is how I became friends with Youngna Park – one of my [absolute]( [favorite]( [photographers]( [EVER]( [!]([!]([!](

Anyhow – Youngna was in Barcelona last week, and in the most cosmically unfair thing ever, had her bag (and thus, camera) stolen. Why do bad things have to happen to good people?

Dens (of dodgeball fame) has set up a Paypal fund-raiser, and I invite you all to contribute if you have a couple bucks rattling around your Paypal accounts.